Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Russians Piss Off God

First an Iranian cleric said that earthquakes were caused by women who dressed immodestly.  He had to be taken down by a Purdue science student - remember Boob-Quake?  You would think these holier than thou people would learn their lesson.

Enter Vasily Boiko, a Russian tycoon who blames Russia's extreme weather this summer on what he called a lack of ample religious faith.  In case you're not aware, Russia is having an extreme heat wave that is causing  hundreds of deaths per day.  More that a 1/3 of the Russian wheat crop has been destroyed. Can anyone say Al Gore.

Boiko had decided to be pro-active.  He has informed all of his employees who are living together to get married by October 14, or get fired.  All workers who have had an abortion will be fired immediately. Hopefully this will bring rain and cool weather to Mother Russia.

Of course, Boiko is no saint himself, having done jail time recently for fraud allegations.  I am sure God is still proud of his efforts. Where's that Boob-Quake founder when we need her.  I think another science project is in order.


  1. Hi Mike - congrats on setting up the blog - many who will come this way are doing so because of that "Purdue science student" and her wonderful blog. You should be, and I'm sure that you are, terribly proud of her.
    Interacting with people this way is unusual - you learn lots about them w/out ever having met them. Hopefully along the way you learn something about others, and yourself. Have fun with this, and if you care to, check out my blog (not quite so personal, but there you go) here:

  2. Hey Mike,
    I'm a fan of your daughter's and now you. I'm just glad there are people out there who care about the world we live in and are not complete idiots and/or maniacs. Welcome to the blogoshere, and my Google home page.

  3. I read your daughters work and it looks like If I can't be king you just might be the guy for the job good luck

  4. Don't these Russian know anything? If you want to bring rain you need to have two men beat on each other with sticks until one of them dies, and then disembowel him and place his head on a pike in the middle of the village. That's how you bring the rain. That or step dancing, but we don't want to horrify the kiddies.

  5. Broken link to the Boobquake article.

  6. I read your daughters work and it looks like If I can't be king you just might be the guy for the job good luck