Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kill Instant Replay

"Kill the ump!"  "Come on ref, how can you sleep with all the lights on!" "We would have won if the refs hadn't screwed us!"

Just a sample of some classic statements that  might disappear  from sports some day. With all the instant replays, some genius will figure out how to do away with officials all together. Hating a machine is just not the same. Fear not, When I am King, there will be no instant replays.

Besides, it's a horrible waste of time. With all the commercials nowadays, the average NFL game lasts almost four hours. Throw in a few instant replays and the game could last longer than most brain surgeries.
Now I know some announcers will say "at least the refs will get the call right".  Who gives a shit.  I'll tell you who, GAMBLERS.  Anyone who's dumb enough to bet on professional sports should lose his ass from time to time.

The vast majority of the time the refs get the call right in real time.  Let them call the game.  If they get the call wrong, bitch your ass off the next day.  You'll feel better.

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  1. Now I know some announcers will say "at least the refs will get the call right".

    Which is funny because it is not true. There are many examples of instant reply where the call was still wrong. Being an Oklahoma State Alumnus, I can attest to this fact during a game against a Houston area college a few years ago.