Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dustin Johnson Grounded By The PGA

Dustin Johnson thought he was on his way to winning the PGA Championship when a strange thing happened.  He grounded his club in a sand trap and receiving a two stroke penalty.  Now I can hear some of you right now, how could this happen.  Is the man stupid?  Doesn't he know the rules?  

Before you're two hard on him, check out the whole story at CBS.  The man had so many fans around him he had no idea he was in a bunker.  He thought his ball was on a piece of bare land that was trampled down by the gallery.

After completing the 18th hole, thinking he was headed to a playoff, he was greeted by a rules official and informed that he was indeed in a bunker and therefore he was penalized and knocked out of the playoff.  Where the hell was that rules official when he was hitting the ball.  If the PGA had done a better job of crowd control he would have known he was in the bunker.  When fans are standing two feet from you, it doesn't dawn on you they're in the bunker.  

What a sad ending to a great tournament.

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