Monday, August 16, 2010

Men Have Ugly Feet

Don't ask me why, but most men have ugly feet. Maybe it's due to excessive running, jumping, etc. But the fact remains, most are not very attractive. Now I know there's nothing a guy can do about it.  Please don't start putting on nail polish. But you can do one thing, stop wearing sandals. 

You're at the beach - OK.  But, do you have to go out in public and show those mutilated metatarsals off?  When I am King, restaurants will post signs for men saying "No Shoe, No Sandals, No Shirts, No Service.


  1. Maybe it's because they don't wear sandals enough? I met a karate instructor who had worn only budo sandals on his feet most of his life and he had the most gorgeous flawless feet you ever saw. So maybe we should tell men to stick to sandals and not cramp their feet into formal shoes.

    Have fun with the blogging thing, I just came over on a link from Jen's twitter.:)

  2. Have you seen Vibram's new toe shoes?

  3. I just looked them up - kind of a cool idea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I actually have very attractive feet... but I hate wearing sandals.

  5. Can we have an amendment to this rule to say, "No flip-flops in the workplace?" The sound of those things drive me nuts.

    Love the blog--keep it up.