Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hate Shopping

I really hate to go shopping.  Generally speaking, I really never go shopping.  I buy.  I know what I want, go to the store and find it.  Pay for it and go home.  My wife, on the other hand really likes to shop.  She goes to numerous stores, checks all the prices, and usually gets a great deal.  Me, I avoid the whole process when ever possible.

However, sometimes you just have to go shopping.  Case in point, we need a new dryer.  So on this rare occasion, my wife and I go shopping together.  It is amazing how many different ways a product can be marketed.  At one store, we're told the dryer we want will be on sale next week and we'll get free delivery.  Can't wait.  Next store has the dryer on sale, but wants $70 for delivery. The third store has a great price, but can't deliver until two weeks from now.  Finally, we found one for a reasonable price that could  be delivered in two days .  But what a pain in the ass waste of time.

When I am King, I'll stay home and have the Queen do all the shopping.

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