Friday, November 12, 2010

Bush is a Cheat.

President Bush has broken his silence.  It seems that our former president has written a book, Decision Points. This comes as a shock to most people because they didn't even know he could read. Well, as it turns out, President Bush is not all that into writing either.  It appears that a great deal of his book is plagiarized. But, what did you expect from a man who lied about weapons of mass destruction in order to justify going to war with a country that never attached us.  The man should be tried as a war criminal.  When I am King, I am going to put his sorry ass is jail.  Hey Dick, Condi, and Donald -- get ready, you're next.


  1. When you are king, build a jail on the moon and send Bushie and his ilk up there. Let them look down upon the Earth and know they shall never return!

  2. Well that is pretty straight forward.

    Given the number of people that would love to go to the moon that seems a little off to me. I'd put the prison in the arctic.

  3. Do chemical and biological weapons not count as weapons of mass destruction anymore?

  4. Those weren't found either. The mobile 'lab' found looked like nothing more than an abandoned farm equipment from the midwest, and turned out to be abandoned farm equipment.

  5. They were found, we accidentally detonated some when we were clearing munitions stores.

  6. K.W. Ramsey:

    Put them on the moon for 1 year, let them acclimate to .1666g, then bring them back to live in full gravity. (See, among others, The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, by R.A.Heinlein.) After that much time, they would have extreme trouble even walking...

    Jim H

  7. Jim H:

    That's was actually what I was thinking of when I made the comment. Really though, I'm not one to speak as they never ran my country (I'm Canadian), so the decision should be up to the voters they swindled.

    It's interesting though. Impeachment proceedings were able to start against Clinton for getting a BJ, but Bush starts a war and gets the country into deep debt, alienates countless countries including the one I live in, and nothing happens against him. Heck, he even got re-elected.

    Makes one wonder when a war criminal gets off but a guy with a hard on doesn't. Maybe someone should have hired a few hookers to throw themselves at Bush so that the Right would turn on him and impeach him. Hmmmm....