Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fixing the Budget

It seems everyone has an idea on how to fix the federal budget.  Some want to cut spending -- others want to raise taxes -- and a few realize you have to do both.  Well, let's see how well you can solve this problem.  The New York Times has an interactive page that will allow you to try and balance the budget for the short term (2015) and long term (2030).

It can be done --  I did it -- but it's not easy.  When you're done, try to imagine that you have to sell your solution to the American public.  That could get ugly.  It's not so bad if your the King, because he doesn't have to explain anything.


  1. I'm not completely down with the options they've presented. I mean why settle for Clinton era taxes, I'm pretty sure that we could solve a lot of our budget problems if we went back to the way we taxed income back in the Eisenhower administration. (Ike being a notorious socialist)

  2. What options did you choose? And how exactly does it all work? Kind of a big question... but I love learning... :)

  3. I am keeping my responses a secret. Just click the X in the left hand column for the tax increase or spending cut you would make - the graph at the top turns blue for every change you make. Keep going until both graphs are completely blue. Good Luck.

  4. @ Blotz, especially with two wars going on.

    Johnson tried to do guns and butter, Nixon tried to do guns and butter and Carter got to pick up the pieces.

    Bush did guns and butter and de-regulated the world's largest crap shoot. Obama is trying to pick up the pieces, but doesn't seem to have figured out that to the opposition, politics is a cage fight.