Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Princess Of Seattle

My wife and I just finished visiting our daughter in Seattle, Washington.  Although we were only there four days, I learned a lot about Seattle. The following are some of my observations. 
  • Seattle seems to be a very young city.  I felt like the oldest fart on the block.  Maybe that’s because the down town section is extremely hilly and only the hardiest souls can survive there. (Your dumb ass King brought new shoes on the trip)
  • Young people all seem to be ready for anything.  You almost never see a young person with out a back pack.  I just wonder what’s in those back packs.
  • It seems like every young person is in love with their I-Phone.  My daughter made me a believer with her demonstration of the bus app.  However, I am not sure the King is smart enough to learn how to use it.
  • My daughter is a real celebrity.  First, a total stranger stops her on the street and asks if she’s the “Boob Quake Girl?” and later our underground tour guide confessed she was a big fan of her blog.  She even asked for an autograph.  No one has ever asked for The King’s autograph.

After I left, I was convinced that my daughter has found the perfect home.  When I am King I am making my daughter Princess of Seattle.


  1. Mike, you can totally rock an iPhone. My parents have them and they're 67. I have a feeling they've got a few years on you, considering my age... LOL

    Glad you enjoyed Seattle!

  2. Princess of Seattle, that's just so sweet. And honestly, if my 3 year old can rock the iPhone, anyone can.

  3. Aww, I totally love it if Jen were Princess of Seattle!

  4. Mike; New shoes on a vacation?! What were you thinking, my friend?

  5. The King some times is a little dumb.

  6. This is why I am semi-anonymous. So my kids will not have cringe-inducing moments like this. and call me up and say:

    Daaaaaaaad! Did you really say that? OMFG! If my friends ever find out I am going to kill myself, or change my name. OMG! OMG!

    All I got to say to the "King" is you got to think of the children man. Think of the children.