Sunday, September 18, 2011

Golf: A Great Journey

As most of you know, I really love golf.  However, I sometimes have a hard time explaining why.  God knows (Golf God) it’s a game that gives great pleasure and sorrow -- sometimes in the same round.  So what’s the great attraction?

I use to think it was the challenge.  You have to master so many skills and you have to do everything yourself.  I use to play basketball (my first love).  When I was having a bad shooting night, I simply worked harder on my defense and rebounding.  I also had the good sense to pass the ball to someone who was having a good shooting night.  In golf, there’s no one to pass the ball to.  If you suck hitting bunker shots, there’s no sub to take your place.

But, as much as the challenge is great, I think the golf journey is why I love golf so much.  You start on a sharp learning curve and find out it never ends.  As you start to improve your swing, you realize how much better it could be.  You try to hit it farther, hit more fairways with your driver, hit more greens in regulation, take fewer putts, etc.  Even the pros are never satisfied. 

Recently I had a great time playing golf with my son.  He’s just starting to take up golf and he really loves it.  Seeing him play reminded me of my journey.  Every mistake he made, I’ve made a hundred times early in my journey.  Now he’s on his own journey and I hope he has as much fun as I’ve had. My journey has lasted 47 years and I hope it last a few more years.  You see, I still have a lot of things to work on.  Good luck son. 


  1. I've only played golf three times in my life.

    It's just too freaking weird for me.

    The less I try, the better I do.


  2. Golf is the only sport where trying harder makes things worse.