Saturday, April 9, 2011


I live in a manufactured home in central Florida.  A big part of a manufactured home is the shed, sort of like a garage with most homes.  Every time I go to the shed I have to unlock it -- even though it is only a few feet from the main door.  It reminds why I hate locks.  Locks are sign of the society we live in -- if you don't lock it, some one will steal it.  I remember as a kid, we never locked our doors.  When I came home from college, I just walked through the front door.  I never owned a key.  Man, do I miss those days.  I remember a teacher I had tell me his philosophy on life.  He could understand how someone could kill someone in a fit of emotional rage, but he couldn't understand how someone could take something that didn't belong to him.  Basically it comes down to right and wrong.

When I am King, I'll try to make small anti-lock areas and see if I can make them expand.  Lock doors say a lot about our society -- nothing good I might add.  I hope I can get rid of locks in one small area at a time.

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  1. I never lock my door except for when I leave town for a while :)