Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Budget War

Here we go again.  How do we keep the government going.  Well, Congress has to pass a resolution extending the debt limit.  We just don't have enough money to pay all the bills.  The Republicans in Congress are willing to sign off as long as they can cut everything in the budget that doesn't go to rich white people.  They even want to lower the highest tax rate to 25% - translated -- big tax break to the rich.  Meanwhile they plan to fix the problem by cutting benefits from our poorest citizens.  Of course there will be no cuts in military spending.

Time to think outside of the box.  When I am King, I am going to eliminate the Marines over a 10 year period and have their job picked up by the Army.


  1. 25% for the very richest? The hell? In my country it's 52% and I consider that way too low!

  2. You're wrong on the Marines, and I'm former Army.

    The Air Force however is something to seriously think about turning back to the Army.

  3. Just do like most other nations who don't seek to appease "tradition." Three branches, Air, Sea, Land. Keep it simple :)

    Also in 1947 we tried to eliminate the marines, it did not go well.