Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Obama - Grow Some Balls

President Obama finally gets around to giving his policy speech on jobs and what happens?  Speaker Boehner informs him that it's not really a good date and suggests the next day instead (which happens to be the opening day of the NFL).  It seems that the Republicans are having a debate on the same day.  Wow -- that's a good reason to put a side a major presidential speech.

The King has a better idea.  The President should call up Speaker Boehner and tell him what day he wants to speak.  If he balks, tell him to go fuck himself and then proceed to plan B. The president should give his speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  Imagine a million people, mostly unemployed, cheering his every word.  Unlike the usual speech before congress where Democrats applaud while the Republicans sit on their hands, people will be able to go nuts and show their support.

Republicans caused this economic crisis and now want to act like it was all caused by the poor and elderly.  President Obama needs to fine some fire.  Grow a set of balls.  Take the fight to the American public and stop trying to kiss the ass of Republicans.  Republican's don't care about the economy because they are all rich and can weather any financial storm.   Real people want jobs. 


  1. It's new late for the Kings help -- President Obama has all ready cave to Boehner. Now he can fight to capture the opening night NFL crowd. Good Luck!

  2. Right on, Mike! The Prez and the Democrats in general have been playing way too "nice". They need to start making the point that the Repubs have been actively sabotaging any steps toward creating jobs, and they need to do it NOW!

  3. doggie china style on obama