Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Witch Hunts

In the 1950's Senator Joe McCarthy led a witch hunt to find communist sympathizers in America.  He destroyed countless reputations but  found no national security threats.  Basically Joe was a drunk who found a neat idea to help him get re-elected.

Enter New York Representative Peter King.  As chairman of the Homeland Security Committee he has decided to start his own political show trial by investigating radical Islam in the United States.  This would be the same Peter King that supported the Irish Republican Army during the 80's & 90's.  Of course IRA bombers didn't blow up anything in the U.S., so all is forgiven.

Where were the investigations of Christian terrorists after Timothy McVeigh decided to blow up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building back in 1995? Or why do we have a national holiday for the greatest Christian  terrorist to ever reach the western world -- Christopher Columbus? What we need is a Congress that can work together to solve our problems and not waste our time with witch hunts.

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  1. The entire department of Homeland Security does nothing but duplicate efforts. The FBI, CIA, NSA, FDA, TSA, etc. were already performing all of its mandated duties when it formed - its primary purpose therefore appears to be diverting funds away from more capable agencies.

    As for Congress, while I may hate the fact that the PATRIOT Act was signed into law, if I was in power I would abuse the hell out of it. Anyone can be arrested and held indefinitely without being charged or allowed contact with a lawyer/anyone else in the outside world? You'd better believe I'd be throwing disruptive Congressmen into prison left and right and leaving them to rot.