Thursday, January 6, 2011

Church Tax

The Senate just concluded its investigation of some of the largest televangelists and of course it was unable to act.  What it found was preachers living high off the hog.  Using church owned airplanes for travel, living in luxury homes and thriving off church owned credit cards --- paying taxes on nothing.  To make sure they continue their life style they have watchful oversight boards that are packed with relatives and friends.

When I am King, there won't be a need for a Senate investigations, because I'll tax all churches and religious groups as small businesses.  There's no reason to support religion with tax breaks.  Further more, I'll eliminate all individual religious tax deductions.  You want to give money to your favorite church, no problem.  Just don't expect a tax deduction. 


  1. That is a beautiful building.
    I wonder, sometimes, about how much money taxing religious organizations would bring in- how much would it close the debt? It seems like it would be significant.

  2. I get what you want to do, but there's a catch. If you both tax the organizations and take away the deductions, the contributed money is effectively taxed twice. This sets a dangerous precedent for other things such as gifts, inheritances, etc.

    Assuming you only do one of those things, the bigger pull would almost certainly be from removing the tax-exempt status of religious organizations.