Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Man's Worth

By now,  I am sure everyone has heard about the minister in a small town in Florida who thinks it would be good idea to have a Burn the Koran Day on September 11. I've seen a couple of interviews with Reverend Terry Jones and the man appears to be totally off his rocker. He claims he wants to send a message, but is totally incapable of articulating what is his message.  During the interview I noticed he had a gun on his desk.  He claims he's been getting death threats, and therefore he's always packing.  What ever happened to "... I will fear no evil: for thou art with me...".

Basically Reverend Jones is just another nut case looking for his 15 minutes of fame.  Unfortunately, the media has probably all ready given him too much attention.  At first glance he just appears to be a totally worthless human being.  But then I remember what my father use to say, "No man is ever totally worthless, he can always serve as a bad example."  Well done Reverend Jones.


  1. ReadABookDay on youtube responded very articulately to Burn A Koran Day. It was posted on the 6th, so it hasn't gotten a lot of traffic, yet.

    I am proud to say that on Sept. 11, I intend to be reading a book of some sort, possibly just my GRE prep guide and some fluff sci-fi, but regardless they count as books.

  2. For some reason I kept seeing his sign as "Burn a Korean Day".

    That would be a totally different yet still quite absurd day.

  3. The man is a blithering idiot. The fact that I share a state with him makes me feel a bit... unclean.

  4. @ Amanda, you are being unkind to idiots, blithering or not.

  5. @ Beyond Dimension, the youtube response was great - on 9/11 I know I'll be reading a book.

  6. I think he is TRYING to get killed.

    Nothing turns religious Zealots into suicidal plane bombers like a Martyr.

    Oh wait, we're talking about Christianity!

    Meh, Still applies.

  7. @Warner, okay, point taken.

    My apologies to all idiots, blithering or not, for associating them with the afore-referenced astounding waste of carbon-based life.