Sunday, September 12, 2010

King and Queen Golf

Today is our annual King and Queen golf tournament.  Sometimes referred to as the "The soon to be divorced tourney".  For you not into golf, let me explain.  My wife and I will both hit our drives from our respective tees, pick out the best ball, and hit alternates shots until the hole is finished.  Once you start alternating shots, the fun really begins. For example, if I hit our second shot into a sand trap, my wife will hit the next shot.  I am sure you can imagine all sorts of scenarios that would require a lot of "I am sorry" comments.

The trick is to get to the end and still be talking to each other.  There will be times when I make a suggestion and my wife will think I am nuts, and vice versa.  There is a great urge to say "I told you so", but we'll both do our best to stifle that comment.  The hard part is for me to keep my mouth shut.  As you know, I pretty much have an opinion about everything.  But, today I am going to do my best to keep my opinions to myself.  As much as I want to win, I also want my wife and I to be on speaking terms when we finish.

Believe it or not, we have won this event before.  But back then, you had to play with your spouse. Now, you just need a partner. Trust me, it's a lot harder to play with your spouse, than just another person.  Your spouse will tell you in a heart beat where you can shove your golf ball.  When I am King,  you'll play with your spouse or not play at all. In the mean time, wish us luck.

 Update: We finished 2nd and we're still talking to each other.


  1. Perhaps just choose not to participate in such an unreasonable activity. Who's the sponsor, the local association of marriage counselors or divorce lawyers?

  2. @Thomas W -- What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Besides, we really do have a good time.