Wednesday, April 25, 2012

College Help

This country needs more college graduates.  It is a shame on our country that we can not provide a college education to some of our brightest students.  The least we could do is make college more affordable.  Start with student loans.  Paul Ryan's budget would double the interest rate on student loans.  This is the same Paul Ryan who wants to give massive take breaks to our wealthiest one percent.  His plan is basically aimed at increasing the tax burden on our future tax payers.  When I am King I am going to set the interest rate on student loans at two percent.  Furthermore, if you spend five years teaching in low social economic areas, you're entire loan will be forgiven.


  1. Another thing I would dearly love to see is High School becoming worth a damn again!!! I am both amazed and appalled at how many US citizens know absolutely NOTHING about their own country's history, let alone the history of the rest of the world! Add Civics class back to the curriculum! Every citizen has a DUTY to know how and why the country is formed as it is, the 3 branches of government (separation of powers is a damn cool idea!!!), and what steps citizens must take to address problems!

    Yes, that is a boatload of "!" but I feel very strongly about this! :-)

  2. World? What world?
    You mean there is something outside of the US?

    Everyone knows the US was founded four thousand years ago, when Noah landed in the Americas. What more of history could you want?

  3. Lauren AndersonMay 2, 2012 at 1:21 PM

    As a private college counselor, I know firsthand that college affordability and student loan debt are top concerns of most college bound high school students. I always encourage students to apply to several different types of colleges (private and public). To some student's surprise, sometimes private colleges offer more financial aid (in the form of scholarships) than public colleges and ultimately end up being cheaper in the long run.