Monday, January 9, 2012

Sorry Mitt

I was watching a Mitt Romney campaign commercial the other day and I found it a little unsettling.  Romney was trying to make the point that he has been loyal to his wife, his religion, and his country and under no circumstances would he ever apologize for the United States of America.

I started to think about the apologizing part.  First as a student of history, I can think of plenty of things this country should apologize for.  The genocide of Native Americans, the interment of Japanese Americans, and the Spanish American war would serve as good examples. 

But then I pondered it from another perspective.  Isn’t this the party of “Family Values”, aka, just act like us rich white folks.  Do you really want to teach your children to NEVER say sorry.  My mom and dad taught me at a very young age to apologize when I hurt someone’s feelings.  They spent considerable time teaching me right from wrong. 

Apparently Romney doesn’t believe the “right” is ever wrong.  But, give him a little time; he’ll probably change his mind.


  1. If you were king...

    ... children would learn the value of real apologies?
    ... politicians would learn the value of real apologies?
    ... everyone gets a kitten?

  2. If I were King, I think I would make you in charge of apologies -- and Kittens.