Saturday, October 15, 2011

Seperate Church and State

Indiana is using tax payers’ money to support religion.  The government is using educational reform to fund a back door effort to support religious schools.  This year, Indiana will allow 7,500 students to obtain a voucher from their local district to fund their tuition at a private school.  Out of the 36 schools that have accepted students, 31 of them are religious schools. Next year the number of students eligible for a voucher will rise to 15,000 and the following year there will be no limit.

I’ve always opposed the voucher system because it is primarily a method to allow rich people to get a discount on their private education.  Furthermore it makes no sense to take more money away from public schools that are all ready underfunded.  But, I really object to funding religious schools.  Public schools educate everyone.  Religious schools pick and chose their students and then brain wash in their religious bigotry. 

When I am King, I’ll outlaw the voucher system.  Religious schools will still be able to exist, but they will be “separate” from the government.  That’s the way our founders indented it to be.

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