Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Gift

My passion is golf.  I just flat out love playing the game.  It's so challenging.  You have to do every facet of the game.  You can't pass the ball to someone else when you're having a bad day.  No calling for a specialist from the bull pen to finished what you started.  It's you and only you.  That's why I love the game so much.

I was able to teach the game to my wife and daughter.  We were all able to get together to play a couple rounds before Christmas.  To me, that's the best Christmas gift.  Since I taught them both, every shot has a piece of me in it (good or bad).  I especially love watching my daughter play, because I don't see her very often any more, since she's several thousand miles away attending grad school.  

Playing golf with my daughter will always be my favorite gift.  I hope we'll have lots of rounds together in the future.  I also hope she realizes that after I am gone, she'll always have a piece of me with her every swings she takes.


  1. Every round of golf is a gift, and playing with people you love and like is even more so.

    We have lots of snow right now and look forward to april and open courses.

    Keep playing, and merry christmas.

  2. I'm not golf fan, but I just have to respond to this with one word. Or possibly not a word, but a sound...


    Okay, two more...

    So sweeeeet!